TMT Q4 2018

18 TMT MAGAZINE / Q4 2018 , PrismGlobal Marketing Solutions is an inboundmarketing agency and HubSpot PlatinumPartner that works with their clients to optimise all aspects of their marketing, sales, and customer experience funnel. Earlier this year, PrismGlobal Marketing Solutions was named in the 2018 TMTMedia Awards as the Best InboundMarketing Agency in the United States. On the back of this achievement, we were eager to talk to the firm’s President and Founder, Elyse FlynnMeyer, who shared some of the secrets to PrismGlobal’s enduring success. Driving the Future of Business Through Intelligent Marketing Strategies Since 2013, Prism Global Marketing Solutions has offered best-in- class inbound and integrated marketing solutions to their multi-sector clientele. Digital marketing, in particular, has grown to become an essential element for businesses operating in today’s modern, future-centric world. Prism Global partners with their clients, helping them achieve their true potential with integrated marketing, sales, and customer service campaigns and strategies. Elyse is, by all regards, a veteran and expert in inbound marketing and integrated marketing strategies. In her role as Founder and President, she has spearheaded a firm that has become, in just five years, defined by service excellence and, more importantly, has a history of achieving observable, real-world results for their clients. Elyse starts the interview by going into detail about what Prism Global was created to achieve. “Prism Global Marketing Solutions’ mission is to embrace the inbound methodology in all facets of our business to provide our clients with unique and creative inbound campaigns to reach their target prospects and customers across all digital channels.” To help achieve this mission, Elyse ensures that Prism Global and their clients are on the same page from the very beginning of a project: “The first thing we do to ensure client success is to discuss SMART goals. SMART goals refer to goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. By using this methodology, we can set more concrete goals with our clients, which then helps us in planning the project or engagement to ensure the highest level of customer success and an overall positive customer experience.” This meticulous and diligent approach plays a significant role in how Prism Global distinguishes itself from their competitors – through their undeniable expertise and accreditation. Prism Global Marketing Solutions is a boutique, family-owned HubSpot Platinum Partner focusing entirely on inbound marketing, sales, and customer experience. With an expertise and dedicated focus on the inbound methodology, they deliver exceptional results and efficiencies to their clients, which ensures the success of their clients’ individual campaigns and integrated marketing and sales programs. Naturally, in an industry that occupies a position between a plethora of sectors, industries and fields, paradigm shifts can drastically change the best approach to marketing. Elyse takes a moment to emphasise that Prism Global is constantly adapting and evolving to the latest developments in their ever-changing industry. The team at Prism Global is continually learning and growing to stay ahead of the curve in their industry. Elyse believes that a mindset of always learning is the key to success to stay on top of trends in the marketing industry. It also ensures that as technologies start to align across many facets of the business including sales and customer service, Prism Global is at the ME180012