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 Ahead of the Game

Brecht Kets of DAE Studios NV won the Game Developer of the Year, Belgium as part of the TMT Gaming Awards 2016. To celebrate, we spoke to him to find out more about the company, how it came to fruition and what its future holds.

DAE Studios NV is a young, creative and energetic company that offers cutting edge interactive 3D services to a broad range of customers. The firm started as a spin-off of Howest University in September 2014, rising from the world renowned Digital Arts and Entertainment bachelor course. Now the firm strives to bring education, research and the industry together.

“Our mission is to transfer the power of game technologies to different domains,” explains Brecht, Managing Director of DAE Studios. “We aim to empower traditional industries to do better using gamification and interactive visualisations, respectively our two business units. We do this while injecting our knowledge back into education and applying research to real life projects.”

Gamification is using game technologies or game design principles in other domains, for instance learning and training. Games have a huge potential to entertain people, but they also  have the tendency to let people discover and learn. Studies show that games have a higher efficiency rate than traditional methods when it comes to absorbing information. This has also been proven in the various projects we have already done in this field; such as evaluating if an applicant has the potential to become a good crane operator; and teaching youngsters how to consume energy in a durable way; and even creating interactive 3D applications for the new ‘Zwin’ museum.

“With interactive visualisations, we strive to do more and offer people true experiences,” Brecht continues. “We live in a world where everything is visual while people find it hard to visualise things. For instance, imagine you are building a house. People find it hard to visualise what the result could be. We can visualise new buildings that have yet to be built, and allow for real time manipulation: changing the colours of the walls, adding furniture or even changing the layout. Technology is our friend; we can offer these experiences using the power of augmented reality, virtual reality and more. Ever wanted to visit a chip factory? Now you can, using virtual reality or your mobile device, by downloading the app called “Visit IMEC’s clean room” we made for them. DAE Studios is also a proud member of the Belgian Hololens Circle.”

It is of utmost importance to Brecht and the team at DAE Studios NV that the firm keeps up-to-date with the latest technology trends to ensure that products are always innovative and, therefore, will become bestsellers.

“We’re always on the cutting edge of technology and able to quickly adapt to new technologies, commercialising them with speed,” he explains. “This is thanks to our direct connection with education and research. This is embodied in everything we do. An example of this is co-founding the Hololens circle.

“We also listen to the client, incorporating them in the development process. Cocreation is at the core of what we do.”

Brecht believes that the firm’s success is largely down to the dedicated work force that it employs.
“We thrive to get the best out of our employees and believe in empowering the individual to become a better being, both personal and professional. We give our personnel a lot of freedom: we do not hire smart people and then tell them how they need to work. We integrate them on the team, determine our goal and they themselves can choose how they will achieve that goal in their most efficient way. Their opinion matters and their input is key to delivering awesome products. But most of all, we love what we do!”

With regards to the future, Brecht has ambitious plans for growth, and world domination!

“We want to have multiple spin-out companies (of which we are currently creating our first, being Play It Safe), develop new opportunities, remain a leader when it comes to commercialising new and emerging technologies, and increase our game portfolio.”


Company: DAE Studios NV

Address: Botenkopersstraat 2 – 8500 Kortrijk - Belgium

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 32 (0)56 59 12 88