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Welcome to the Q1 edition of TMT News Magazine. Every month, we endeavour to provide our readers with all the latest information from across the telecoms, media and telecommunications landscapes.

Technology is the great accelerator of change across the professional business landscape, fuelling growth and driving evolution. As such, its role cannot be understated, with TMT firms across the world playing vital roles in the ongoing development of SMEs and conglomerates alike. Our inclusions for this month are split into two very different camps: The first provide vital telecommunications solutions to SMEs and niche business sectors, helping companies reach their full business potential. The second are undisputed leaders in the internet exchange sector, helping the world become better connected.

First up is NJFX, a 64,800sqft purpose-built Tier 3 CLS Colocation facility. We spoke with the firm’s CEO, Gil Santaliz, on the back of the company’s recognition in TMT’s Global Excellence programme. Gil offered some valuable insight into NJFX’s enviable position as one of North America’s preeminent international hubs for subsea communications.

Further in the issue, Adam Norsworthy, Managing Director of Performance Telecom, spoke about his firm’s approach to providing customer-centric and cost-effective solutions that help bolster their client’s service offerings.

In much the same vein, ACT ICT Ghana offers telecommunications services to the country’s mining operations, alongside best in class turnkey solutions. We asked the firm’s CEO, Roy Chay, how he champions innovation in ACT’s day to day operations.

Here at TMT News Magazine, we hope you enjoy reading this edition.

Laura Brookes | Editor