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Why Businesses Should Integrate Video into Their Content Strategy

The team at Reboot Online ( explain why videos are becoming integral to organisation’s content strategy.

Quality content always reigns supreme. Yet many businesses don't seem to fully grasp this notion. Churning all too often, blog posts after blog posts. With the focus on quantity, they lose perspective on producing high-quality and engaging content for their intended audience. In an ever-competitive environment, businesses cannot afford to alienate their customers with poor quality content. If businesses are to truly add value, they must take a creative and unorthodox approach towards their content creation and execution. One way that they can truly achieve this is through integrating video within their content strategy.

Here are some of the main reasons why your business should seriously be considering and using video content:

More Digestible

When someone usually writes a blog post for their business, it's usually centred on topics they are knowledgeable or experts on. This usually transcends into an extensive written piece. Whilst the piece may provide great insight, readers sometimes find it very difficult to digest what’s written. In most cases, it's not because the written content is irrelevant or nonsensical but it's just that readers are not attracted by lengthy chunks of text. Video content has the distinctive ability to convey vast amounts of information in a quick and effective manner without losing people's attention span.

Builds Personality

If you are a start-up or a small multinational business with big ambitions, then video content provides the perfect platform to showcase the personality behind your brand to potential customers and/or clients. Before committing to a purchase or a contract, customers and clients alike want to wholeheartedly know who they are dealing with. Establishing trust is therefore fundamental. Whilst “about us” and “our history” pages can do this; they do not create the same personal engagement that videos provide. Well-thought out videos ignite emotions and captivate audiences. More importantly, inject confidence in the brand.

Smartphone Friendly

Tablets, laptops and PC’s are generally used more in the home and office environments to access the internet. In these environments, users tend to me more relaxed and comfortable therefore have the time to properly browse through information. Smartphone dependent user’s live life on the go, thus want instantaneous information. Videos are hence optimum for smartphones, as they can deliver information on a business or its products/services easily and concisely.

Educates Your Audience

Businesses often have fantastic products and services but cannot find a way to successfully express or present their benefits to customers and/or clients. Yes, written text does provide some coverage but it does not allow businesses to project any natural passion or enthusiasm. Videos allow businesses to use a range of visuals, sounds, colours and imagery to demonstrate product benefits and features. Likewise, provide the opportunity for potential customers and/or clients to visualise themselves using the product or service.

A Vital Feedback Opportunity

Like any content, videos attract comments. The importance of capturing comments is highly undervalued. Don't be under the illusion that all comments will be positive and glowing endorsements. Yes, there will be positive comments but there will also be criticisms. These should all be seen as opportunities. People commenting are the ones experiencing and interacting with your brand, so why not utilise them as “constructive feedback”? Some negative comments can provide some wonderful hindsight. If you want to sustainably grow, remember to subscribe to the “all feedback is valuable feedback” mantra.

Distributable Across Channels

Once the video is on your business's blog or website, it can be distributed across a range of different channels - from YouTube to DailyMotion. Videos can also conveniently be added to various social media channels. From Facebook to Twitter. With social media usage in its prominence - enticing and well-produced videos will gain likes, retweets and shares. With the latter especially gaining traction amongst new customers and clients, as they learn about the business and its products/services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Boost

Search engines are really beginning to recognize the importance and value of video content. Google for example places a significant weighting on video content towards search engine performance and ranking. Especially since its acquaintance of YouTube. Imaginative and interesting videos embedded on your business's blog and website increases the time spent by visitors on your site. This equates to longer exposure times and signals to search engines that your business's content is authoritative. Eventually, your website will gain trust and rank higher over time.