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TMT News Magazine is dedicated to providing you with all the latest information from across these three key sectors, exploring every aspect: from legislation changes to the latest deals, new product launches to appointments and everything in between.

Gracing the cover of the Q3 issue, is TMT News’ CEO of the Year, Dr. Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet who goes into great detail about the company’s extraordinary global online services and how they ensure they meet their client’s expectations.

In this month’s edition, we discover more about Ruin, a full-service digital agency, that specialises in web development and design. Recently, we spoke to Tim Hill, Technical Director at Ruin, to find out more about the firm and their mission providing creative end-to-end solutions and services maintaining a cultural relevance within the digital climate.

Elsewhere in this issue, Codevate is a software development consultancy that creates value for SMBs with IoT-integrated web and mobile apps. When we sat down with the Codevate’s Sam Jones, he provided us with a greater insight into the outstanding achievements of the company.

Also in the Q3 edition of TMT News, Jonas Construction Software is an industry-leading, fully integrated construction and service management software solution. We invited Oren Falkovitz to tell us about the company and describe what attributes have contributed to the company being selected as TMT Magazine’s Leaders in Computer Software in Kentucky.

Here at TMT News Magazine, we hope that you thoroughly enjoy reading this edition!