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Harbingers of a New Age in Medication Technology

Founded in 2014, DoseSystem ApS is a company dedicated to changing the healthcare industry for the better. In August, DoseSystem was named in TMT Magazine’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards with the title of ‘Most Outstanding Medication Technology Firm’ in Denmark. On the back of this deserved achievement, we spoke with Jesper K. Thomsen, the Founder of DoseSystem, to find out how the firm has built a reputation as an innovator and problem-solver.

At their heart, DoseSystem ApS creates products that remove the uncertainty out of pharmaceutical administration. Their products are simple in both design and execution, but potentially have huge consequences for the greater market, offering consumers peace of mind and independence, whilst ensuring minimum resource expenditure. It seems, from the outset, like an idea that comes around once in a lifetime – an easy to implement solution for a prominent problem.

To start, Jesper was keen to reveal more about his company and product line: “DoseSystems’ purpose is to help patients, staff and relatives to get and give medication on time. This is done by the help of a mini medicine cabinet with a reminder function, called DoseCan. DoseCan is already in half of the Danish municipalities and is becoming widespread throughout Scandinavia. The next step for DoseSystem is to offer the solution to private customers in the rest of the world.”

“Fundamentally, our mission is to help patients, staff and relatives take and give medication on time. Compliance is a major problem and, as we all know, medication does not work if it is not given properly,”

DoseSystem are believers of the idea that the most pervasive problems can be solved with uncomplicated solutions. With that in mind, Jesper speaks for a moment on their approach to new projects: “DoseSystem works with problem solving, together with our customers. If the problem is not defined, we cannot help. So, DoseSystem always tries to define the problem and come up with the best solution with our customers. This approach means that we work together, rather than to push sales through.”

This approach plays directly into how the company distinguishes itself from the competition – a simple to use product, at a price that encourages adoption, “We have developed a simple and cheap system that helps solve the problem. Simply so users can use it and cheap to afford it.” This strategy has seen the company grow swiftly in just four years, avoiding the pitfalls of altering a product in the face of imitation, emerging trends or rivalry.

On the subject of emerging trends, Jesper explains DoseSystem’s attitude to staying ahead of the notoriously fast moving pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors; “we are constantly trying to be at the forefront of software and utilizing the tools that exist on the shelf. In that pursuit, AZURE are a great help, just as we work intensively with GDPR and other regulations, in order to stay ahead. Additionally, as always, we listen to our customers' needs to best gage the demands of the market.”

Jesper moves on to discuss the culture of DoseSystems and how they ensure that the team’s dynamic remains a true reflection of the company’s goals, “We have a very open relationship with our customers and use the resources available to meet wishes and requirements. Internally in the organisation, we have weekly meetings and follow-up, ensuring everyone is on track. We are a small team and it is important that everyone can work together and be heard. Therefore, chemistry is an important element and that we can complement each other as best as possible.”

Jesper takes a moment to emphasise the important work of his CCO, Casper Craggs, who plays an integral role in ensuring that DoseSystems’ business model is a true reflection of the current market. “He works hard to meet demand and guarantees that DoseSystems’ services live up to client’s high expectations.”

Coming to the close of the interview, Jesper discusses the healthcare industry in Denmark, and the problems associated with working with local government: “When working with municipalities and public administration, there are many challenges to be included in their considerations. One of these considerations is how best to implement a technology in an already busy schedule alongside many other potentially conflicting tasks. All in all, we try and assist as much as possible in the process.”

Finally, Jesper reveals the company’s plans going into the more immediate future, as they consider the options that will become available in time and with expansion; “There are always new demands and opportunities, the most important thing is to keep your tongue in the mouth, to make sure we keep it simple and deliver a product that works. You can very quickly throw yourself into too much development and drown in opportunities. Saying that, in the near future, we will launch an update of DoseSystem to version 3.0 that involves new apps and business models that allow us to sell directly to customers through, to give an example, pharmacies.”

Contact: Jesper K. Thomsen, Founder

Company: DoseSystem ApS

Address: Jernbane alle 78, Espergaerde, 3060, Denmark


Telephone: 45 70707447