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Hub is a 15 strong, insight-led video strategy and video production agency based in Clerkenwell, London. We caught up with Co-Founder and CEO David Hunstone to find out more about the firm and the approach that led it to be awarded ‘Best Creative Video Agency – London’ in the TMT News Entertainment Awards.

Established in 2002 to answer the video requirements of Jaguar-Land Rover, Hub has since grown to count a number of brands among its client base, including, Henderson Global Investors and Vision Direct. For this vast array of renowned clients the firm provides a full video agency service, from conducting research to identify consumer insight, to creative workshops right through to filming, and post-production activities. David discusses the firm’s dedication to creating the most innovative, insight-led campaigns possible and the techniques it employs to achieve this.

“Here at Hub, our overall mission is the creation of insight-led video strategies. Our passion is using knowledge, gleaned from real data, to create emotionally resonating content that translate to business growth for our clients. To elicit reactions and behaviour change from an audience, emotions need to be evoked – you can only do this if you can weave these insights within a story.

“To create the best video possible every time, and therefore achieve this mission by increment, we use insight which is generated though development workshops in conjunction with primary and secondary research. Once completed, we analyse the findings to identify an accurate and deep understanding of the needs of both client and their consumers that can be used as the basis for the creative work.

“The next stage of the process is to hold a client workshop, where the key stakeholders from the client will meet with our creative team. The workshop session includes reviewing the insights from the research, competitor analysis, and joint discussion groups to drill down into the original brief. This then inspires our creative proposal.”
Any business is nothing without a dedicated and experienced workforce, and as such Hub leverages the expertise and knowledge of its staff to offer clients the very highest standards of service. The basis of Hub’s culture is constant learning and the demonstration of vibrancy and energy to empower the staff to continuously develop their skills. This contributes to a progressive and forward thinking working environment which creates great content, as David emphasises.

“At Hub, our staff are passionate about video, which results in them often undertaking independent learning outside of work. This could range from learning new skills to simply playing around with new technology. Internally, we have a personal development plan in place for everyone, which allows us to effectively allocate our training budget.

“When hiring new staff, it is critical that they are not just a good fit professionally, but also socially. Everyone has a specific job role to play but there is a culture of everyone supporting each other when needed. This environment has been carefully fostered, so bringing new people in is something that is considered very carefully. The skills and talent of any new employee must genuinely add something to the business, and our clients.”

Looking ahead, the digital content market will continue to adapt as technological developments will continue to push innovation in film making. Consumer understanding will also develop, with behavioural analytics becoming the bedrock of future video production. Therefore, moving forward Hub will be working to ensure that it offers clients the very latest services whilst leveraging the reputation for excellence it has earned over recent years to draw in new business, as David concludes.

“Overall, 2016 was a year of unprecedented growth and change, ending on a high of launching a TV series for This has acted as a catalyst and further growth is forecasted moving forward. This is a combination of our existing clients increasing their video activity as they reap the benefits of previous work and new clients joining us as they see the success we have achieved for our clients and will provide us with many great opportunities for further innovation and growth, which we will look forward to taking advantage of throughout the coming year.”