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Driving Success in Virtual Reality

TechViz is an international Software editor, developer and provider of instant VR visualization and collaboration solutions for 3D applications. We invited Lucie Deniset, TechViz Marketing Manager, to talk us through the firm and the range of services it provides.

Established in 2004, TechViz has since become a major competitor in the Virtual Reality for professionals’ space, with market-leading immersive visualization VR solutions for collaboration and instant display of solutions. Lucie highlights the firm’s mission and how it works to achieve this by producing innovative solutions.

“Here at TechViz, our mission is to provide solutions that contribute to promoting business growth, its innovation capabilities and productivity by improving the production cycles of our customers and reducing the time to market of their products. In those terms, we display CAD models natively from several applications such as Dassault Systèmes Catia, or SolidWorks, Autodesk Navisworks, Siemens NX or Plant simulation (and 200 more) on any VR system. These include Cave (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment), HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Mixed Reality and Powerwalls.

“Today, our focus is on VR collaboration, which improves teamwork and speed up decision making. This option enables real-time collaboration between coworkers from different locations, who can work on the same 3d project at the same time. An ideal solution to make remote technical review, for validation processes, result presentations, maintenance operations or training sessions without the need of physical meeting.

"Our VR software, TechViz XL for Caves and Powerwalls and TechViz VR for HMDs, enable to instantly display in 1:1 scale any 3D data – even the largest ones – without any data conversion, on any VR or AR system. A wide range of other options to suit our clients’ specific needs: Virtual Assembly, Fusion, Digital Review, and our very latest product Interactive Image Integration (I3) working with Fingertracking (cf photo), to visualize Human-machine interaction scenarios." 

Being a VR specialist headquartered in France offers the firm many unique opportunities, as Lucie explains.

“We cover different sectors: automotive, architecture & construction, engineering and manufacturing, research and education, shipbuilding, aerospace & aeronautics, energy, oil & gas, military & defense and pharmaceutical. We help our customers optimize their PLM, customizing our solution to enhance their project reviews, risk assessment, ergonomic studies, improve design, maintenance operations and safety requirements.

“Over recent years, the evolution of virtual reality has brought new interest from different customers, and most industries have included VR in their PLM process. Today, VR headsets have been democratized and have enabled us to open our business to the Mid-market. Moreover, large companies are seeing more and more the advantages of VR to improve teamwork, and have already started equipping their subsidiaries and departments in general with VR for Collaboration, which is a total windfall for TechViz and offers us many new avenues to explore.

“Overall, VR in general is a constant scalable sector. To stay ahead of emerging developments, we make sure to have really passionate and innovative team members. Beyond loving what they do, all of our team is very efficient and tries to always be well informed on every new trend of the industry.”

Looking to the future, Lucie is excited for the developments in the market that will drive growth for TechViz, as she proudly concludes.

“Within the software market, VR remains a major player, however new fields have emerged with a very large potential: Mixed Reality - with Microsoft Mixed Reality – and Augmented Reality, with Meta. 

“As such, we have already tested and adapted our solutions to these technologies. In order to adapt ourselves, as we have been doing over the past 13 years, we recruit specific staff with specific talents to develop these technologies. Over the past year we have opened offices and hired staff in China, India, Brazil and very recently in the USA. Today, our aim is to grow TechViz to become even bigger and to open subsidiaries in other parts of the world.”

Company: TechViz

Contact: Lucie Deniset

Email: [email protected]

Address: 63 Boulevard Masséna, Paris, 75013, France

Phone: 0033 155 030084