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Wochit Updates Features

Advanced features to allow new video formats for social and open platforms for journalists

Wochit has just announced a new suite of platform features designed to give newsrooms and brands a competitive head start when it comes to creating timely and shareable video content.

Wochit is empowering content publishers worldwide with the ability to quickly and easily compile high quality video using pre-negotiated, rights-cleared footage and assets from AP, Reuters, Getty, Bloomberg and many more sources. This enables brands and media to respond to breaking news stories with relevant and timely footage, in turn helping to drive traffic to their web and social media sites.

Wochit recently partnered with UK daily news provider, The Week, to launch The WeekDay, a mobile app that provides readers with twice-daily video summaries of the day’s top news stories. Holden Frith, Editor of The Week, says that since using Wochit to compile these clips, they’ve seen a marked increase in website traffic and page engagement.

Other social video examples posted by some of largest online content destinations have gained substantial views to date and serve as confirmation that publishers who choose Wochit are at the forefront of social video:  


o    130K Views; 3,507 Shares

·  Huffington Post 

o    100K Views; 465 Shares


o    73K Views; 219 Shares

The latest release of the Wochit platform comes on the heels of exponential growth for the company. The company’s advancement is due largely to increasing need from both traditional and digital media companies to expand their video content and to promote existing content with short-form, shareable, social video, across a wide array of platforms.

“Prior to working with Wochit, The Week online didn't produce any video in-house, instead embedding footage from around the web into our online articles. Working with Wochit to produce our own clips meant we had to train our staff to tell stories visually, and to write crisp, concise copy that explains complex stories in just a few sentences. The result is that we can now make videos in our own distinct voice using breaking footage from the major news agencies."

“About one in ten WeekDay readers choose to watch the NewsWrap – a much higher rate than we're used to seeing with embedded online clips. Almost all viewers watch the videos all the way to the end. Each video is also viewed thousands of times across Facebook, Twitter and Google ,” Frith says.

The new features available on the Wochit platform include:

·  One Click Social Upload - Instantly and natively publish videos to Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, or your own blog, website or microsite

·  Fresh New Design - Intuitive user interface that allows for 2X faster video creation time

·  Instant Preview - Review and see your full branded video in a matter of seconds

·  New Timeline Experience - Media assets, timeline, and preview windows all fit  in one screen for quick and organized video creation

·  New Video Part Selector - The perfect tool for real-time scrubbing by frame

The rise of social video for media organisations

According to research gathered by Activate in October 2015, video is the single most popular media activity among consumers, encompassing nearly six hours per day in viewing time—a 370% increase since 2011. As viewers watch more and more TV on digital platforms, the ability to efficiently create and share video across those platforms with pre-negotiated, licensed content represents an enormous audience engagement opportunity.

The same research shows that:

·  Short-form, creator-driven content is set to most affect overall audience viewing time.

·  On-demand video audience share has the most to lose as video creation platforms become more sophisticated, allowing media companies and individual creators alike to quickly create and share video content.

“More and more companies are waking up to the fact that nothing drives results like video does. The media business is - and has to be - ahead of the trend on this. In order to survive, they’ve had to adapt to the fact that readers are also digital viewers,” said Dror Ginzberg, Wochit co-founder and CEO.

“There’s no better way to engage and lock in an audience than video. And we now have the technology so that anyone with an audience to reach and a story to tell has the ability to share that story in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”