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TMT September 2016 Issue

Welcome to the September issue of TMT Magazine.

The digital age has for some time been approaching a new threshold – a generational crossover, of sorts, which is felt across the myriad industries and markets that fall under the technological umbrella.

On the one hand, you have a generation of career technophiles, who were used to a certain procedure before witnessing the astronomical evolution of technology, once thought only possible in the works of science-fiction. They have seen the world transformed by its ability to ease communications and generate millions upon millions of terrabytes’ worth of data every day.

Then, contrasting them, are those that were born into this techno-revolution – including yours truly. People of my generation are constantly surrounded by the torrents of data, and are arguably better able to adjust to the new innovations that continue, inexplicably to find a niche to exploit.

It’s a sort of bizarre privilege to watch as the forces of technology, media and telecoms continue to swirl around one another. The team of TMT Magazine are offered a privileged glimpse into its intricacies, and we take it upon ourselves to give our readership that same opportunity. In particular, we see a lot of efforts to ensure that a more technologically-informed world maintains a high level of unshakeable trust.

In a world where everybody has the potential to create and distribute new software, certain assurances are required to ensure that paying customers are getting the service that they expect. While cybersecurity software providers such as Vigitrust find themselves well placed to guarantee user safety on the Cloud, others, like DCG Software Value Ltd., focus more upon disseminating valuable knowledge across the market, in an effort to make successive generations more aware of the potential pitfalls and the endless possibilities of increasing capabilities of smartphones. These represent but a couple of this month’s featured articles who are very much at the forefront of technology, and are taking strides to control its direction and input into modern society.

Meanwhile, others take a humbler approach, and adopt an obligation to help bringing the past into the present. Alive Studios represents a determination to keep the past relevant, and cater not only to businesses and institutions, but also to families, by converting and storing old film footage to newer, digital formats, in a process that is deeply respectful, private, and guided by a healthy dose of technological enthusiasm.

We hope that you enjoy this month’s issue of TMT Magazine, and are as inspired in reading it as we are to bring it to you.