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Welcome to the October issue of TMT Magazine.

This is, fundamentally, a publication for the technophile. As such, we at TMT Magazine have an obligation to present as balanced a picture of the evolving trends in technology, media and telecoms markets as possible. As I’m sure that I’ve mentioned at some point before, this is by no means simple, and is not always enviable. That being said, it is a rare privilege to experience and report on the most exciting trends, as proud demonstrations of the rude health of the technological industry.

Let us take the gaming industry for example, take the gaming industry for example; its financial potential is easily observable. Apple's App Store alone currently hosts more than 90,000 game apps, a growth of 1,400 per cent since it went online, aided by the explosion in availability of smart phones and tablet computers. What’s more, the combined game revenues from two long-established figureheads of gaming, Nintendo and Sony, have now been outstripped by the revenue generated by handheld gaming systems for iOS and Android mobile devices. I have made it my mission since inheriting the editorship of TMT Magazine to expand coverage of this, and to kick things off, we delve in at the deep end with commentary based around one of my favourite gaming franchises, the post-nuclear 1950s-infected jamboree that is Fallout.

Elsewhere, there are technological developments almost every day, all of which shape our future in some small way, sometimes overlooked but never insignificant. In particular, as cybersecurity continues to find new ways of protecting increasing volumes of data through faster transfers, the need is greater than ever for effective roadmaps for companies to plan out the best way of protecting their information, as well as that of their clients. Axcess Tech Systems, for instance, is responsible for helping thousands of customers to define cloud-based strategies to migrate entire information infrastructures.

Finally, it cannot go unnoticed that the pursuit of advancements in technology has led to collusion and cooperation between industry professionals the world over. Especially in an age of increased concerns over cybersecurity, the contents of this magazine represent more than just innovation and the minds responsible for it – it showcases the potential that co-operation can yield for the betterment of people’s lives.

We at TMT Magazine hope dearly that you enjoy the contents of this month’s issue. We look forward to returning again in November.

George Millar, Editor
[email protected]