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Welcome to the November issue of TMT Magazine.

In today’s modern technological markets, and across the various aspects of media and telecommunications, it is no longer enough for a firm to simply provide a product that works. Now, more than ever, customers are demanding services that will allow them to become engaged with the technology in which they are investing. At every turn, the greatest minds in these fields are developing new and exciting ways to tap into consumer confidence to reward them with exciting new digital experiences.

This is perhaps no strange thing – customer outreach has always been an important part of conducting successful business. What has definitely changed, though, is the technology that is available that can allow for a much closer-knitted company-client relationship. Social media is just one such outlet; in this issue, we hear from Chris Lewis, author of the best-selling Too Fast to Think, on how a wider perception of the news can be affected through Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds.

In other aspects, software development requires a similarly individualistic approach, and in this field in particular, it is important to allow creativity to emerge. QA Mentor, Inc., for instance, benefits from its CEO’s personal involvement in building relationships with clients – a significant departure from his contemporaries – as well as his mission to foster a forward-thinking, reliable team built around a philosophy of trust. 

As Chris Lewis also points out, though, it is important for competing firms in this area to have the ability to associate between multiple different subjects in order to build up a bigger picture, rather than become too focussed upon one specific area. Numedeon, Inc., for instance, has enjoyed outstanding success in the internet gaming sector through a two-pronged approach in researching and developing technology that is both proprietary and methodological. This more well-rounded approach highlights the mounting importance of a broader base of understanding and awareness.

Conventional thought and application of ideas, it seems, are concepts that are maturing rapidly. In order to become distinguishable in an increasingly crowded market environment, a wave of fresh thinking is what is needed to take the technology, media and telecoms industries to the next level, continuously. This issue of TMT aims to draw attention to just a few of those firms that best exemplify that idea.

We look forward to returning in December, and hope that you enjoy this issue.

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