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Who has voted for me?
We invited the TMT News subscriber base of over 82,000 and an additional base of industry specific individuals, to place a vote for an individual or company they would like to put forward for the programme.

We welcome votes from a company, its clients, colleagues and peers, and we also accept self-nominations. 
You will have received a nomination in one of three ways 1)by a third party using the online voting form, 2) you have self-nominated, 3) you have been put forward by TMT News as they may have worked with or profiled recently.

What’s next?
If you are happy to accept the nomination then our highly dedicated in-house team of researchers will then put each nomination through a rigorous analysis. You will also have the chance to provide any additional information to support your case. This information will then passed to our experienced judging panel who make the final decision.

How are winners chosen?
Awards are based solely on merit as we do accept self-nominations and this could make the process unfair. Winners will be notified of their success via email, and will have a number of options on how to accept their award.

Are there any costs involved?
Please be aware that there are absolutely no mandatory costs associated with accepting a nomination, being considered for or winning an award.

Whilst we do offer promotional and marketing opportunities to appear in the award winners’ supplement, we always offer a free of charge package and winners are free to use their award title as they wish.

When will the winners be announced?
There is a strict embargo in place until the awards have been publicly announced – you can find out more information on this from our Awards Co-Ordinator.

Is there an awards dinner?
We do not host an awards dinner, we feel that if we’re going to ask our winners to part with their monies, that advertising budgets should go towards meaningful campaigns where there is a real opportunity to promote the brand and grow the client base.