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Suniva, Inc., the leading American manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells and modules, with headquarters in metro-Atlanta and manufacturing facilities in Georgia and Michigan, today announces its Buy American-compliant solar panels were used at a major sporting event in Atlanta to power mobile charging stations.

Suniva began work on the solar powered charging stations in 2014 in collaboration with a major utility company and they have since been used at several sporting events with great success. The innovative application enables participants to charge mobile devices by the power of the sun while watching one of the most popular annual sporting events.

“We are honored to be a part of our local energy utility’s ensemble of innovative renewable energy applications,” said Matt Card, vice president of commercial operation of Suniva. “As a golf enthusiast, I especially appreciate having access to onsite charging stations to avoid missing any of the event should my mobile device require power. The fact that it’s powered by Suniva is surely a bonus.”

Suniva celebrates its nine-year anniversary as America’s leading U.S.-born, U.S.-operated solar manufacturer this month. Since its inception in 2007, Suniva has led the industry with technology innovation, including proprietary manufacturing techniques and a leading team of experts, focusing on growing conversion efficiencies in a cost-responsible way. Suniva’s products reach a wide range of market segments, from off-grid applications to residential and commercial, to micro-utility, with a strong presence in U.S. government applications. Its Norcross headquarters manufacturing expansion will be operational at the end of the year.