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Social Media Start-Up Offers Equity to UK Super-Fans

A fast growing start-up, which has attracted more than 10 million users in just over a year, is offering UK super-fans equity in the company.

In what’s believed to be a first for an established social network, beBee is to offer shares it hopes in time will worth £100,000 or more, to reward super-users’ passion and commitment.

beBee, tipped to be Spain’s first unicorn ($ billion start-up), has already swarmed throughout the region and Latin America, and is set to make it big in the UK too. The LinkedIn challenger, which takes a social approach to developing businesses relationships through a focus on shared professional and non-professional interests, is growing at 25,000 users – or Bees as they call them – per day.

beBee’s CEO Javier Cámara, 44, explains: ‘Our Bees are the key to our success, so it’s only right we give equity to those who share our passion by posting exceptional content and encouraging others to join. We’re already doing this in Spain and Latin America with users who saw beBee’s potential early on. Now we’re coming to the UK in earnest, we want super-Bees here to have the same opportunity.’

beBee’s President Juan Imaz, 49, adds: ‘We’ve grown to more than 10 million users in just over a year and we firmly believe beBee will be bigger than even LinkedIn. Nothing is ever guaranteed of course, even with a start-up as successful as ours, but we believe the equity our super-Bees receive will one day be worth £100,000 or more. We’d love to share our success with the people who’ve helped us make beBee big,’ he says.