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New Sensory Advertising Technology Launched

Leading Sensory Advertising firm Adludio has unveiled the next generation of their ground breaking Sensory Advertising platform, Darwin.

Award winning adtech company Adludio has announced its next generation advertising through multi-sensory campaigns, as their new platform allows mobile users to engage with 3D, vibrating, shaking and touchable advertisements on their phones.

Adludio’s Darwin Platform is the next part of fulfilling the firms mission to build the ‘next generation of mobile advertising’. For decades, digital advertising has largely relied on two of the human senses: sight and sound. However, next generation mobile devices are increasingly sensory: people are touching the screen of their smartphone 250 times a day and feeling the vibration of haptic technology on their mobile devices and smartwatches. Human senses are constantly immersed in Virtual Reality experiences and by engaging people’s senses with the sensory technology contained in smartphones, advertising has been given the potential to become more meaningful. In today’s mobile-era, the sensory technology is there; but marketers are yet to fully utilise its potential.

As the world accelerates towards an immersive future of virtual and augmented reality, Adudio believes its Sensory Advertising platform is the perfect stepping stone for bridging the gap between tomorrow and today.

Sensory Advertising Technology

The proprietary Darwin platform that powers Adludio’s Sensory Advertising has three key elements:

1. Hybrid architecture of Adludio’s proprietary Darwin language & native device technology engages the mobile-first features of the phone – including 3D, vibrate, shake and touch – and allows for Adludio’s Sensory ads to become ‘multi-sensory’

2. Adludio’s proprietary Darwin language (which is an abstraction of HTML5) allows ads created on the platform to achieve new levels of creativity in a fully scalable manner as formats render perfectly on every mobile device

3. SMART Creative Optimisation suite – which includes the brand impact optimiser tool –can optimise a campaign creative in real time to improve results of brand metrics (Brand Recall, Sentiment, Purchase Intent, CTR)

Sensory Ads created through Adludio’s Darwin platform may include standard video or 360 video upon request and can be delivered in-app or mobile web programmatically or through Adludio’s fully managed service.

“Our mission is to create the next generation of mobile advertising that is engaging, memorable and builds lasting brand relationships,” said Paul Coggins, CEO of Adludio. “The results for the Sensory Ads speak louder than words, with independent studies showing a 10x increase in brand recall for Sensory Advertising campaigns vs. mobile video. We believe that utilising multi-sensory advertising on smartphones is not only the future of mobile advertising, but the natural stepping stone between mobile and VR.”

Adludio has already partnered with brands such as Nike, Unilever, Red Bull, Pay Pal, P&G, Microsoft, BP, Shell, Sky and Pizza Hut to create Sensory campaigns that are changing the nature of advertising.