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 Most Innovative Business UK 2016

Brainstorm Intergrated Marketing 

Brainstorm Integrated Marketing is a company operating in the global market, who have clients in the UK, USA and South Africa.

William Gets, the founder of Brainstorm Integrated Marketing, owns 100% of both the UK and South African company and engages in marketing and business development for the business. His key responsibilities include conceptualising, building and running the marketing, advertising, branding and implementing promotional campaigns. With a long and detailed history of marketing, advertising and graphic design, William has dealt with multiple clients from multiple industries, from local, national and international campaigns.

Despite William having been in his current position for over 18 years, his career started out on a completely different path. Whilst he was a game ranger in South Africa, William built up his communication skills through his love of the environment. By travelling through the bush, building exhibitions and creating posters about the importance of the environment, it became clear that communications was his first love. After travelling the world for three years, he settled in Cape Town, South Africa. This led to William becoming involved in the marketing world.

“I started out as a self-trained graphic designer and when clients received logos or brochures that I had designed, I realised that people needed strategy help and Brainstorm Advertising developed out of catering for that need,” William tells us.

He added “We are trading these days because we went from providing a graphic design service, to an advertising service, to an integrated marketing service; which really means marketing, advertising, branding and promotional campaigns via various media, whatever is seen to be applicable for the campaign. Of course, digital marketing takes up most of our time.”

Since 2008, the staff at Brainstorm have worked from home and do not have a physical base of operation. The vast majority of staff are located in South Africa (one in India) whilst William expands the business globally from London. For some, working independently from home can be a challenge therefore when employing staff, the first key principle is that all staff have the proper psychological mindset for self-management.

William tells us that whilst it is initially important to ensure staff are well paid, a business leader should focus on a person’s life purpose. “You need to nurture their sense of purpose so that work is not work for staff; it’s their life! Happily, in the world of creativity and marketing, the days are rich and exciting.”

In addition, having a stable internet connection is important for a global business. All work files and their task management software are synched with the cloud so being online is vital to the company. Nowadays, it is very important for all industries and companies to keep up to date with the latest technology trends but as William explains, it is especially vital in digital marketing.

“It is critical to keep up to date with technology because things change so quickly and all the time. There are many trends which have changed the digital world, including Google algorithms, the latest changers in all the social media platforms, the current status of front end development software, market behaviour and automated marketing. Even emails, the old stalwart of digital marketing, requires constant re-study to keep your thumb on the pulse of how people react to email marketing as they grow with digital marketing.”

The company has an insatiable drive to remain in touch with the changers in the market so that they stay in tune with latest technological opportunities and stay one step ahead of market behaviour.

Naturally, there have been challenging times but as a self-confessed workaholic, success after many years of hard work is very rewarding. William talks us through how digital marketing has changed and what Brainstorm Integrated Marketing has done to help to dispel the myths surrounding the scepticism of digital marketing in the world today.

“That level playing field that we saw from digital marketing is no more.  It is back to who has the budget for the best reach, frequency and creative impact. That’s why we do not charge massive upfront fees, but rather work on a goals and gains system. We don’t sell ourselves to companies to satisfy their high but misunderstood expectations. We deal in reality and deliverables which is more sustainable for us and our clients.”

Brainstorm Integrated Marketing is billed on a successful basic and reward system and goals are set accordingly. The income of the business increases via a percentage commission agreement. The main aim for the future of the company is to grow by helping other businesses to expand, and if those goals are reached, then Brainstorm can continue to thrive for many years to come. 

With over 18 years in the role, William says that the most important thing in business is to find your love and then never give up. It is this passion, along with having a holistic knowledge of his industry that makes William a successful business leader.

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