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Leading German Network Operator Deploys Voice SafeGuard

Leading German Network Operator VSE NET has become the first in the world to deploy Telsis’ telephony fraud reduction solution - Voice SafeGuard.

Since implementing Voice SafeGuard in October 2015, VSE NET has seen the costs from the telephony fraud they’ve been measuring, cut by 99%.

According to the Communication Fraud Control Association (CFCA), fraud costs the telecoms industry 1.69% of all revenues – that’s over $38bn annually. VSE NET targeted the reduction of fraud after identifying losses in 2014 and began work on an algorithm to address and tackle the problem of PBX or IP router hacking. Having identified that the solution requires core network intelligence, VSE NET approached Telsis to add fraud protection to its existing intelligent multimedia service platform - the Telsis Ocean Service Platform (OSP).

VSE NET’s initial approach to dealing with telephony fraud involved examining Call Detail Records (CDRs). Whilst this helped identify patterns, it was a reactive (rather than a proactive) solution that couldn’t identify fraud until after it had occurred. By working closely with Telsis, that approach has been significantly enhanced to now become part of Voice SafeGuard which has the option to tear-down fraudulent calls actually in progress thereby deterring hackers, reducing losses and securing the network for customers.

Managing Director of VSE NET, Mr Michael Leidinger commented:

“For VSE NET, fraud reduction is a critical element in demonstrating VSE NET’s preeminent position as one of most secure operators in Germany. Not only have we been able to reduce losses by a factor of 100:1, we have reinforced our position as an innovator and provider of secure telephony solutions for our customers”.

Since 1987, Telsis has been partnering with major Network Operators around the world to help them drive value and achieve their business objectives. The firm’s solutions deliver easy-to-use, engaging services to customers that drive revenues and create real competitive advantage. Their innovative and high-value solutions are based on the Ocean Services Platform (OSP) that adds network intelligence to maximise the potential of every type of traditional and modern telephony network. For customers, OSP is the brain in their networks and powers the Telsis range of secure solutions for Network Operators.