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Explosive Mobile Ad Growth in 2015

Annual “Devices & Demographics” report reveals massive increase in ads served on mobile vs. desktop

Fluent, LLC, an IDI company, an industry leader in people-based digital marketing and customer acquisition, released its 2nd annual Devices & Demographics research report, which found that the percentage of ads viewed on mobile devices rose substantially in 2015, growing from 60% of all interactions in Q4 2014 to nearly 80% in Q4 2015. The study, which examines the impact of demographic factors such as age and gender on device adoption and usage, found that this figure was even more pronounced amongst younger adults, aged 18-24, with nearly 90% of the segment viewing ads on mobile devices.

Other key findings included:

Android grew its market share, while iOS lost ground. Ad views on Android devices grew from 66% in Q4 2014 to 72% in Q4 2015. iOS, on the other hand, dropped from 32% to 27%. Android was the most common platform among all age groups, but its lead over iOS was a bit smaller in the 65 age bracket.

Over 37 percent of Americans made purchases on their smartphones in 2015. Younger adults, aged 18-34, were more likely to shop on their phones than any other age group. Comparing platforms, iOS users were more likely to have made purchases (46.7%) than Android users (38.3%).

People used their smartphones for email more than any other app or function, including talking. Email remained the most popular activity on smartphones (25.5% of respondents) followed by social media (19.8%) and gaming (19.1%). The activity varies however, when it came to men and women, and adults of different age groups. Gaming was virtually even with email as the top activity for men (24.6% and 24.5%, respectively), followed by social media (16.5%). For women, it was email (26.4%), then social media (23%), followed by gaming (13.9%).

“2015 was a breakaway year for mobile ad growth and mobile commerce, and we saw this trend at Fluent with over 70% of all ads served on mobile devices,” said Ryan Schulke, CEO of Fluent.

“Smartphones have replaced desktops as the consumer’s computing device of record, and advertisers are following suit with enhanced, mobile-first marketing programs and user experiences.”