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MYCOM OSI is a leading telecom software vendor providing some of the world’s largest Communication Service Providers such as Vodafone, Verizon, Telefonica, O2 and T-Mobile with network management software for Service Assurance, Automation and Analytics. These maintain their networks at peak performance, optimize their customers’ experience and helps them deliver new digital services in the Cloud.

Celebrating the company’s 15th year, Mounir Ladki speaks of his own background, exploring the route he took to arrive at MYCOM OSI. Having attained a Distinction in his Masters in Electrical and Communications Engineering from Supélec, the leading French Engineering school, and a Business Administration degree from Sorbonne University, his prospects were promising from the get-go.                                                                                                                                                                

“I started in defence communication systems at Matra, before joining Nortel’s new mobile division in R&D, network design and optimization. I established and led its Advanced Engineering Services group launching major innovations. For instance, I worked closely on realising the first microcellular network in Hong Kong, as well as the first mobile data network in Australia. I then joined MYCOM in 2002 to found their software business.

“I have led the company’s technology mission since we founded the business in 2002. As President and CTO, I am responsible for setting the vision, strategy and roadmap for our technology, products and solutions, and realize these through leadership of Product Management, R&D, Technology Partnerships, Systems Integration, Industry Standards and Customer Solutions.

“The most important challenge I had to face was to start a business. We were initially 4 developers and myself but we had to turn bright ideas into concept then commercial product and then acquire our first customers. It was a challenge to grow a small, tight-knit team into a larger organization while maintaining efficiency and motivation. Finally, we always had to operate with minimal investment. But despite these challenges we achieved enormous success that experience has taught me depends on a passionate, motivated and empowered team that believe in my company vision.”

Brushing these challenges aside to forge on in a bold, confident direction, Mounir and MYCOM OSI have received some prestigious recognition in the form of coveted industry awards in recent months. These include winning Product Leadership in Service Assurance Award from Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan, winning Mobile Infrastructure Innovation Award from Global Telecoms Business, runner-up for Big Data & Analytics Innovation Award by Pipeline, and finalist for Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Customer-Centricity by TM Forum.

Such success has been hard-won, and Mounir opens up about the ethos that MYCOM OSI holds dear, and how this reflects on their attitude to technology and innovative development.

“It is essential to differentiate through cutting edge products and sustained innovation that address the latest technology trends but many trends are short-lived fads with no obvious benefits, so we always carefully evaluate new technologies and only select those with proven benefits. Recently we have advanced our cloud micro-service patterns with REST APIs, big data storage and docker technology as an example.

“Critically, all our new products are developed in close collaboration with our customers targeting specific high-value business problems. For example, we collaborated on the design of our Network Analytics product, ProInsight™, with Telefonica Germany and our Digital Service Quality Management product, ProAssure™, with Deutsche Telekom. To enable this collaboration, we have adopted Continuous Integration and Agile methodology that allows new software versions to be shared with our customers every two weeks. So we learn fast, fail fast and succeed in being very closely aligned to customer needs.”

Mounir finds it hard to overstate the value of his employees – he cites the honour of working with an exceptional team of talented and highly dedicated people as exerting a large inspiring influence on his role.

“I see my role as inspiring, empowering and helping them to achieve their personal and the overall company objectives,” he says. “I like to give autonomy and foster a culture of innovation and initiative. Maintaining the mind-set of start-up is very important for our success in a highly dynamic and competitive environment. I am also always encouraging the teams to adopt disruptive approaches and thinking.

“I think that the success we are enjoying is a collective one, and is essentially down to our outstanding team. I think that what sets me apart is a passion for innovation and technology, a deep understanding and clear vision of both the telecoms and software industries that I have been working in for over 20 years, and a very strong motivation to create value for customers, shareholders and employees.”

Mounir has great ambitions for MYCOM OSI, having set it the challenge of maintaining its technology leadership, whilst also increasing its leadership in the Service Assurance space in the next five years. “The required growth may come from organic growth or further acquisitions like MYCOM’s successful acquisition of OSI in 2014. We are well prepared to grab the 20% growth rate of the Next Generation of Service Assurance and Analytics targeted at the digital era, and establish clear leadership in areas such as cloud, NFV and IoT.

“I am privileged to work in a highly dynamic industry that evolves rapidly. Today we are at the dawn of a major revolution where our customers are evolving from Communication Service Providers into Digital Service Providers. I still have such passion for MYCOM OSI and our industry that I see myself continuing the leadership of this innovative company as it further grows and develops to be the global market leader.”

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